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SELLING POINT: One of the Estate-style residence in the region. Age of 24 years old and is located next to the future Kennedy Town MTR Station. Easy Transportation. Estate has been renovated 3 years ago.
INFO: Estate does have 2 blocks, size among 375 sq.ft. to 617 sq.ft., those include layout of 1 bedroom units and 2 bedrooms units of a totaling 526 units.
BLOCK 1: Entrance of Block 1 is located at the Smithfield, therefore more welcome. Most likely units with 1 bedroom’s asking price for sell are under HK$2M, more attractive to initial buyers. As those layouts with 2 bedrooms, area around 400 sq.ft or more currently asking for HK$2M to HK$2.3M (average price from HK$4800 to HK$5500 per square feet).
BLOCK 2: Although the Entrance of Block 2 is located at the lane at the back of the estate, unit type, layout and direction is similar to those of Block 1, therefore still attractive to buyers. Now in the market, there is a unit with 2 bedrooms for sell in the market, it is located at lower floor, cause to attractive price and direction it is still a good choice. The asking price of the unit is HK$1.89M.